Local Woman Shows Off Her Epic Easter Egg Collection

Fluvanna Review

Local Woman Shows Off Her Epic Easter Egg Collection

Sonya Erickson resides in Fluvanna, and is very serious about her Easter eggs.

If you’ve ever made the drive, or perhaps live in Fluvanna, you know that this one Easter display is one you have to see.  Sonya has been collecting Easter eggs for over 50 years, and proudly displays her wreaths of eggs, as well as an Easter Egg wonderland inside her house.  Over 1,300 eggs have been collected from all over the world!

She tells the  Fluvanna Review,

‘My favorite is the African egg because I had it in a box and kept in my lap while we were traveling to keep it from breaking. Everywhere we traveled we collected eggs. We haven’t traveled everywhere. We missed a continent or two.’

If you look for Easter displays similar to Christmas decorations, pay a visit to Sonya.  There has to be some sort of world record broken here (without breaking the eggs).

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