Rescue Pet of the Week

Rescue Pet of the Week

Pet of the week-Finally Home Animal Haven-

Bruno-This deserving boy is UTD on shots and neutered. His true age is unknown but we’ve settled on thinking he is more between the 5-6 year old range. He is amazing at his basic commands…sit, lay down, stay, paw and UP!

When trail walking he has unbelievable leash skills…he never pulls on a leash and watches your pace to see if he should walk faster to keep up with you or slow down to stay right there by your side. He is a mostly calm boy who loves to lounge around all day (and would be happy to do so!) but loves to run and play with toys for just a little while (in a fenced in yard) when a companion is nearby. He has been great around multiple female dogs (male dogs are questionable though) and has not been cat tested. He’s only had a couple of accidents during times when he has drank lots of water and hasn’t been able to go out within an hour after doing so (frequent bathroom breaks are always a good thing!) He sleeps through the entire night by your side!

This guy is truly something special…he is a velcro dog and is destined to be someone’s best friend. He follows you everywhere and will happily lay at your feet (or in your bed💕), go on car rides or just walk around the yard with you. He is a very faithful companion. He does get anxiety when left alone in a crate, so we are hopeful that he will be able to find an adopter who is retired, maybe works from home or just has the time to spend with him that he deserves. He is just a GREAT dog!