How to Get Free Fries on National French Fry Day

How to Get Free Fries on National French Fry Day

Yeah Buddy.

Fries is the key to destroying my diet, and it’s REALLY over when they’re free. Here are a few places you can go for a free batch:

If you head to Checkers (or Rally’s depending on where you’re located), you can sign a petition to make “Fry Day” always fall on an actual Friday. Is this dumb? Probably. Do you want a free Medium Fry? Absolutely.

McDonalds: You can get a free batch fries with the McDonalds app and signing up for their loyalty program.

Wendy’s: With any purchase from their app, those burning hot treats will be served to you right out of the drive-thru window.

Burger King: Are you fan of their CHICKEN fries? Rewards members can get free Chicken Fries if they spend $3.

So yeah, not TOTALLY free, but you’ll end up at one of these places anyways because we have a great excuse to dip our fries in a frostee. I can’t be the only one that does that!!!!