How to Help a Local Family That Has Been Chosen for the Morgan in the Morning Christmas Home Invasion

How to Help a Local Family That Has Been Chosen for the Morgan in the Morning Christmas Home Invasion

Here is the email we have received from one our listeners regarding a local family in need:


This family is one of the proudest families I know.  They constantly give to others even if they have nothing to give.  The Mother of this family helped me though my cancer treatments, and it was because of her that I had the courage, will power, and strength to beat cancer.  That being said, I know she is struggling now, and it’s my time to pay it forward.  She has had to have several surgeries in the past because of her own health issues, while also having to work to take care of her own family.  She was the sole provider of her household, and now because of unforeseen health issues she is no longer working.  There is multiple kids in the house as well.   On top of that, not only has major appliances failed on them, but they also no longer have heat.  With winter approaching, they have at times stayed with a relative, but the concern for their current home and whether or not they’re staying there is quite big.  I have tried to be the same cheerleader for my friend as she was to me, but I wish I could do so much more.  I believe this family that have hearts of gold deserve a good Christmas, and a reminder of all the people they have helped in the past.  It is their turn now to be served, and I hope this blesses them.



Gift cards for clothes and food
Art supplies for the kids
Action figures
Nerf guns
New washer and dryer (This has already been donated)
New microwave (This has already been donated)
New Dishwasher (This has already been donated)
Pots and Pans (This has already been donated)
Furniture for future home
Dishes (This has already been donated)
Other kitchen items such as a baking mixer and other equipment
Gift cards for winter jackets.

Items above can be dropped off our station during regular business hours 8:30-4:30 Monday – Friday:

481 Hillsdale Dr.

Suite 300

Charlottesville, VA 22901



Monetary donations toward a place to live and any unpaid bills.  If you feel in your heart to give a monetary donation, click HERE





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