PBR Could be on the Verge of Going Extinct


PBR Could be on the Verge of Going Extinct

By:  Tom Morgan

Say it ain’t so!


The chosen beer from my Grandfather years and years ago could be no more.  (It’s also one of my favorites and I have no shame).  Pabst Blue Ribbon could be in serious trouble.


According to The Takeout, Pabst has a contract brewing deal with MillerCoors, where MillerCoors brews, packages, and ships its beer.  Pabst, and other smaller companies, just don’t have the infrastructure to do that themselves.


Pabst’s deal with MillerCoors started in 1999 and is scheduled to end in December of 2020, and MillerCoors says they’ll only renew it for almost TRIPLE the price.  Have you ever had a landlord triple the rent on your house or business complex? Essentially, this is the same thing.


So, what about Anheuser-Busch? Well, they don’t do contract brewing.


The lawsuit is currently on trial, and should last till the end of the month.  If PBR loses, they’re pretty much done.  Put them on the same shelf as Iron City Beer.  Do your remember Iron City?

You just pop the top, inhale, and get that sweet odor of the last time you ran over a skunk.


Keep PBR alive!!!