Tim McGraw Releases Phone Number on Social Media

Tim McGraw Releases Phone Number on Social Media

Well, kind of.


Tim McGraw has been posting some odd stuff on social media lately.  Just a few days ago, he posted ‘I need Jesus or I need Whiskey’.  We can only assume this is an angle to promote new music in the near future.  Could posting a phone number have the same angle?




Go ahead, text or call it.  After all, Tim followed up posting this number with ‘I’ll text ya back’.







It turns out that it’s an automated service.  If you call the number, it says the mailbox is full, but then you get an automated response.


If you decide to text, chances are you’ll get a text back that says “Hey it’s Tim, this is an autotext to let you know I got your text, everything else will be coming directly from me or my team.  I’ve got some pretty cool things happening this week, so make sure you add yourself to my phone to stay in touch.”



Were not quite sure what he’s promoting, but whatever it is, it’s genius marketing!