How I Almost Got Caught Looking Through Someone Else’s Truck

How I Almost Got Caught Looking Through Someone Else’s Truck

By:  Tom Morgan

I promise my intentions were good.


Over the weekend, I went kayaking/fishing with my Brother and my Dad.  As we were paddling in the water and dropping bait, I suddenly felt like I should put my phone back in my Dad’s truck.  With my luck, the kayak would tip over and my phone will be gone forever.  So I paddled back to shore, got out, and unlocked the truck.  It was a red Toyota.  I opened the passenger door, and scrolled through my phone one more time before I put it on the seat.  I then looked around the cab of the truck thinking to myself, ‘I don’t remember my Dad having neckerchief tied around the rear view mirror.’  I thought nothing of it, closed the door, and began to press the lock button on the key fob.


The truck wasn’t making any noises, nor were the doors locking.  I opened and closed the passenger door a few more times, and THAT’S when I realized, I had been looking through someone else’s truck.  It was also a red Toyota, and if any truck owner saw me looking through their stuff, I was dead meat.  I discreetly and awkwardly walked around the truck.  I almost tip toed like I was sneaking back into my parents house after a late night with my childhood buddies Chris Coup and David Edge in 1999.


I pressed the key fob one more time.  I heard the familiar beeps of my Dad’s truck….all the way across the parking lot.


(By the way, that feeling in my gut almost paid off.  Someone did tip over their kayak and almost lost their things, but it was my Dad that got submerged in water, not me)


If you saw me look through your truck, what would you have done?