The Story Behind Morgan’s Playboy Shower Curtain

The Story Behind Morgan’s Playboy Shower Curtain








Charlotte and I will be moving this weekend.  While packing, I was thinking about the things in my house that I should get rid of. 




This is going to be tough, but after 10 years, my playboy shower curtain will finally be retired.  Don’t ask how I managed to keep the same shower current for ten years, that’s another story.  What’s important is that I held on to a long tradition, in the form of an inside joke that lived for 10 years.


While living in Knoxville, one of my closest friends had this very same shower curtain.  Every time someone walked in her bathroom, they would sarcastically say ‘nice shower curtain, Ashley heh heh heh heh’.  We would hear this EVERY single time someone entered her bathroom, it was like clock work.  She eventually took a job in Jacksonville, FL, and as a parting gift, she gave me the shower curtain. 


I’ve kept it ever since, I never saw Ashley again, and anyone who walks in my bathroom to this day still laughs at the shower curtain.  Even when past Girlfriends suggested I get rid of the shower curtain, I still held strong!


But all ‘good things’ (and pretty gross) must come to an end.  I’m 35 yrs old, and it’s time to move on.


What in your house do you wish your significant other would get rid of?