Here is a Funny Trick You Can Do With the CYK App

Here is a Funny Trick You Can Do With the CYK App

The all new 99.7 CYK app is free and easy to download on your iPhone or android device.  You can listen to us anywhere, get notified of special contests and concert announcements, see current and recent songs played, and so much more!  But there is ONE crazy thing you can actually do with this app.


Here’s what you do:




1. Download the app if you haven’t already, and open it.

2.  Turn the volume all the way up while playing the music, it should automatically come on after you open the app.

3. Find the speaker. (it’s on the bottom right edge if you have an iPhone.)

4.  Now, lick your lips. (trust me on this)

5.  Make sure your music is on and cranked up!

6.  Hold the speaker very very close to your lips without touching them.



You can feel sound waves blowing on your lips!




Stupid? Yes.


Pointless? Absolutely, but you totally just did it.


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