The Secret Sound is BACK on 99.7 CYK

The Secret Sound is BACK on 99.7 CYK


A familiar game is BACK! The 99.7 CYK Secret Sound is giving you several chances for you to win BIG MONEY! Of course,  questions like ‘What today’s sound?’ ‘What was today’s clue?’ or ”Can you give me another clue?’ will all be answered.


Beginning Thursday morning at 8:10, Morgan in the Morning will play a ‘Secret Sound’, and you just have to figure out what it is.  It could be something normal, something weird, even a combination of somethings!


You have three different chances during your workday to guess the secret sound, 8:10, 1:10, and 4:10! (There WILL be additional random times for you to guess the Secret Sound too!)


A clue will given to you weekdays at 8:30 after a full day of incorrect guesses, so make sure you tune in!


In the interest of ‘process of elimination’, we’ll also post the wrong guesses right here on the website.  🙂 Plus, once the sound is correctly identified, we’ll post video evidence of the random source of the sound.


The first secret sound is worth 500 dollars! Good luck, and thanks for listening to 99.7 CYK!