Meet Foxy – The Hitkicker Rescue Pet of the Week

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Meet Foxy – The Hitkicker Rescue Pet of the Week

We had the privilege to meet ‘Foxy’ from Green Dogs Unleashed this week, and she needs a home!





According to Green Dogs:


This 6-8 month old cattle dog mix isn't just a party girl and pretty face. She is as sweet and happy as they come. Being deaf doesn't slow her down, and she is the life of the dog park. Furry friends seem to flock to her side, for her glowing personality and flowing feathery fur. Foxy is available for adoption and is being fostered in Troy VA.

Foxy is a Doll-Baby with attitude.   She is very pretty,  a light reddish-blond coat,  almost a merle (phantom merle perhaps?), fox-like in appearance.  She has beautiful brown eyes!
Foxy is a lively girl and will get into mischief if she goes without her exercise.     She’s good with my dogs, though they don’t want to play with her (grumpy old puggles), and I think she has tried to herd them, but grumpy old puggles don’t herd well.    She has alerted when she sees my cats.  I have not tried an introduction and would do so with care, as I think she’d love to chase them.      Foxy is house-trained (YAY!!!), and is learning leash walking.   She is a smart girl, but you need to keep her attention for training.
Foxy is extremely affectionate, and wants to be with her person.  She will literally sit on your feet.   She is friendly with strangers and hasn’t shown other than ordinary barking, usually something like a squirrel or other moving furry object.      If she doesn’t get exercise she will get bored and find her own amusement.  Fortunately that has only resulted in some chewed up cardboard boxes,  but she will need a person/family that will give her plenty of activity.   Her activity level might be too high for very small or shy children, though I think older kids who are familiar with dogs would be ok.    She wants to be a lap dog.   

Name:  Foxy
Breed:  Female/Red Heeler
Color:  Reddish blonde
Weight:  30
Age:  6 months
Spayed/Neutered:  Spay
Vaccinations:  all vaccine up-to-date, as age appropriate
Special Notes (if any):  Deaf, non aggressive, great with others, unknown about cats