Win Brad Tickets This Week With Turnaround Trivia

Win Brad Tickets This Week With Turnaround Trivia

Brad Paisley will be at Jiffy Lube Live on September 9th.  We’re getting you tickets early with ‘Turnaround Trivia’!


Everyday, you can play Turnaround Trivia with Uncle Pauly to win some awesome prizes!  This week, you can win Brad Paisley tickets.


Listen for Morgan in the Morning to give you the ANSWER to a trivia question at 8:30.  It doesn’t matter what the question is, just remember the answer.  Then, at 4:10 that afternoon, Uncle Pauly will give you the QUESTION to the turnaround trivia.  Give Pauly the answer Morgan gave you, and win.


For example, Morgan could say ‘GREEN’ is the answer.  That afternoon, Uncle Pauly could ask ‘What color is the sky?’ Naturally, you would say BLUE (or gray).  But, the answer Morgan gave you was GREEN, and therefore GREEN is the answer.  Got it?


Let’s get your those Brad Paisley tickets! You purchase tickets now by clicking HERE.