The Tale of The Worst and Best Car I Ever Owned

The Tale of The Worst and Best Car I Ever Owned

Everyone has that ‘one car’.  Mine was straight hilarious, but traveled through many memories.


It was a 1988 Brown Buick Century.  For starters, the fabric from the interior ceiling was falling down.  I used staples and tacks to keep them from falling on my head.  The front seats were isle seats, and they would scoot back and forth depending on how quickly we would hit the gas and brakes.  Worst of all, the transmission fluid leaked…..a lot.  I remember constantly putting transmission fluid in the car to keep the gears from skipping.  There were times where I could barely go up a hill because of the lack of fluid.


Because it was brown, my best friend named the car ‘The Poo’.  We eventually made it better by calling it ‘The Christmas Poo’, based on a popular little turd on South Park.



At the same time, the ‘Christmas Poo’ had an EPIC stereo system! The bass was kicking, and I didn’t even have to buy speakers.  I drove it to my senior prom, my high school job (men’s department at a local Belk), and to Smith Mountain Lake (for a 17-year old, that was a road trip from Roanoke).


What was the worst (or best) car you ever owned?