Carrie says… “Bye Felicia” for 2017

Carrie says… “Bye Felicia” for 2017

Carrie had another busy — and very successful — year in 2016, but she looks to be dialing back in 2017.

In a pre-Grammy red carpet interview televised on CBS Sunday night (Feb. 12), Underwood gave an inside look at what her life will be like in the near future. After her Storyteller Tour, followed by her December dates in Australia and New Zealand with Keith Urban, she’s ready for some time off.

“Right now, I’m kind of in the process of remembering what it’s like to be human and getting into the mom routine and going to some hockey games and stuff like that,” Underwood says. “I figure I’ll start working on new stuff at some point. I’ll get the itch and I’ll be like OK, I need to go be creative.”



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