Five Stupid Ways to Burn Calories


Five Stupid Ways to Burn Calories

Who Knew???!!


I’ve been trying to go to the gym a lot lately, and by ‘a lot’ I mean twice a week.  (But THIS week will be four times, darnit!!!)


Little did I know, there are a lot of other ways to burn calories WITHOUT heading to the gym.  By no means should this be ‘your workout’, but you get what I’m saying.


According to the Huffington Post,  you can actually burn 100 calories by…..singing Karaoke for 45 minutes.  You’ll probably get it all back with the adult beverage you drink in between songs but you get the idea.


Also, something as simple as cooking dinner for an hour can help you burn the same amount of calories.  How about cleaning out your car for an hour? That alone can help you burn 200 calories.


You can burn 400 calories by helping a friend move for 45 minutes or doing yard work for 90 minutes. 


Of course, you can do just as much if not more on a treadmill, but for some people that’s not as fun as cleaning out your car.


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