Four Things That You May Not Clean But You Probably Should

Four Things That You May Not Clean But You Probably Should

I can be a real slob if I’m not careful.  I tend to say ‘Well, it’s my mess and nobody is coming over today’ or ‘I just don’t feel like cleaning that today’.  Yep, everything that a typical slob would say, right? Meanwhile, I’m amazed  at what other things need to be cleaned that we carry around us everyday, and don’t even realize we need to clean them! Here are a few of those things:



1.) Toothbrushes  

I’m not talking about a quick wash under the sink.  Bacteria needs to be killed off your toothbrush before you put it back in your mouth.  So how about soaking them in vinegar? You should also consider your toothbrush HOLDER. A recent study found it’s one of the most germ-infested things in your house and it holds something that goes in your MOUTH twice a day.


2.)  Your Credit Cards

Do you ever see somebody put their credit card in their mouth while trying to move stuff around in their wallet or purse? I have, and it’s naaaaaaaaaaasty.  Wipe your credit card off with a towel, and make sure to clean the magnetic strip too.


3.)  Your Shower Curtain

Simply spraying it with some disinfectant may not do the trick.  How about putting it… the washing machine?


4.)  Houseplants

Most people don’t think about it, but your houseplants collect dust and germs daily.  If it’s a small plant, gently put it under the sink and wash.  If it’s a bigger plant, just use a damp towel to wash the ‘leaves’.


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