Virginia Brewery to Introduce Oreo Flavored Beer

Photo Courtesy of Beer Street Journal

Virginia Brewery to Introduce Oreo Flavored Beer

Chalk this up as yet another different way to enjoy America’s favorite cookie!


If you put a bag of Oreo’s in front of me, I might just eat the whole bag.  Especially if you put a glass of milk next to it.  I don’t have a problem with all the weird and new ridiculous flavors either (lemon, cotton candy, watermelon, red velvet, etc)




The Veil Brewing Company in Richmond just created this beer.   It’s a chocolate milk stout called Hornswoggler that was made with hundreds of pounds of crushed up Oreos.  (Beer Street Journal)


You won’t be able to get this at a store or just any bar (at least not yet).  Veil Brewery is only selling it at the brewery and they have a very limited amount and they’re available in 16 ounce cans.


Would you try this?