Darius Rucker has a new gig

Darius Rucker has a new gig

Darius Rucker is adding a new gig to his resume.

The country star and longtime sports lover tells ESPN he is now a partner in MGC Sports, a company that represents golfers, football players and coaches.

Darius was inspired to dive into this new business venture by Mr. Beyonce himself.

“If I didn’t see Jay Z crushing it in the business like he is, I probably wouldn’t have done it,” he says “But I think I have a lot to offer.”

Darius will be tasked with scoring football and golf clients to add to MGC Sports’ current roster of athletes and coaches.

What about the music? Darius will continue his music career but will also be very involved in MGC Sports.

“I will be one phone call away if a client needs some advice or needs me to be at their game,” he adds.