Getting to know Comfort Souce

Watch out for the attack dog, she might lick you to death!

Getting to know Comfort Souce


My job is awesome. I get to play in a radio studio to ears all over the state thanks to our transmitter placed at Bear Den high atop Afton Mountain. When approached about working with Comfort Source to be a part of their marketing plan, I thought it “might” be cool. It only took one meeting at their office on Rio Road in Charlottesville to get hooked! Owners Dave & Tom are great guys, local, and have a vision for their business to be admired. They are in it for the long haul, serving Charlottesville and The Valley mastering Heating and Air service. They don’t want to be “everything to everybody” with services that span from plumbing to remodeling, to restoration, to… you get where I’m going. They are pros that know heating and air!

After I became a maintenance plan customer, and got to know the guys a little better, Dave recommended an air scrubber for our house. Mrs. Pauly and my stepson both wrestle with allergies and with Meatball and Boogie in the house (our Pug and Lab dogs), it sounded like a smart move. I have NO IDEA how this thing works, it’s no bigger than a Minecraft Torch. We decided that when Patrick came out for my maintenance call that he’d go ahead and install the Air Scrubber Plus. I gotta tell you, this thing is THE BOMB! While I do have an agreement with Comfort Source to endorse their service, I don’t have to praise this gadget and this blog post is 100% voluntary. Mrs. Pauly and I purchased our house last summer and moved in mid-July. We still had not noticed “our smell” in our new house. It wasn’t 15 minutes after Patrick fired it up, I could tell a difference in the air quality. Dave and Patrick both warned me that it might take a week and a little extra dusting at first to really notice the benefits of the Air Scrubber. In just a few short days, I asked Mrs. Pauly if she thought the air actually felt, smelled, and even looked cleaner. She agreed. It actually IS cleaner because the These scrubbers work 24/7 in your living environment, continuously reducing airborne and surface contaminants, mold, dust, pollen and odors! Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of the Air Scrubber. (did I mention that this thing uses the same technology and is certified by NASA? Ok, I’m done)

Here are some random notes I took during my time with Patrick:

  • Cleaned burners, flue, coil, and blower
  • Vaccumed out entire system
  • Opened the flu to make sure it was clear of critters
  • Cleaned stink bugs out of my burners (that would have stunk!  Ha, see what I did there?)
  • Patrick serves in the Air National Guard (example of the quality technicians hired by Comfort Source)
  • Each time Patrick came inside he took care to put footies over his boots to keep the house clean
  • Patrick called when he was 20 minutes away to let me know his ETA
  • Replaced the flame sensor in my furnace.  This safety mechanism shuts propane off when no flame is detected which not only saves propane but stops the flow of propane into the house.
  • Furnace vent was orginally taped on,  Patrick took the extra step to install a sheet metal screw to eliminate the chance that one of the knuckleheads (my son and step-son) could have knocked it off horsing around in the basement
  • Cleaned all the coils to help heat exchange

Here are some photos from my maintenance service and Air Scrubber install.