Five Skills That Should be Taught in School

Five Skills That Should be Taught in School

Over the years, college kids have asked me if I simply took a class to work in broadcasting.  I did take a class in college, in fact, it was that very elective class that led me to switch majors to Media Communications.  However, all of the studying wasn’t anywhere near as effective as learning in the field.

This got me thinking about simple life skills that aren’t being taught in school.  Sure, you can take a class on business ethics, but does learning how to scribble in a circle on an exam paper really give you the tools to succeed in life?


If school is supposed to prepare for you for the work force and life, here are five skills that I think need to be taught:


1.) Car Repair:  Yes, I understand some ‘technology or advanced schools’ teach this course. I feel like we need a basic course that teach students how to change a flat tire, check and change oil, change car light bulbs, etc.   Could you teach your child car repair skills at home? Sure you can.  You can also teach them Algebra but you’re probably not.  All you need is a parking lot, a car, and a teacher that knows what he/she is doing.  Maybe this can be added to a drivers ED course?


2.) How to Budget:  During my senior year in high school, my Government teacher decided to take a day and teach us how to budget.  It wasn’t part of our text book or syllabus, she just decided to teach us some basic tasks.  Like most high school classes, I forgot a lot of lessons, but budgeting was one of the few skills that stuck with me for the rest of my life.


3.) Self Defense:  A self defense class for high school students would go beyond just kicking and screaming ‘KIIIIAAAAAAA’.  Lessons such as bully prevention, self respect and respect to others, and how to act in an emergency would all be applied.  We live in crazy times, it’s time to have our kids be prepared for the worst.


4.) How to file your taxes:  I don’t mean to take away business from accountants here, but how about a basic tax filing class? Students need to know what every type of document is, tax write-off benefits, and how to properly prepare tax forms.  This could go hand in hand with the budgeting class, but I almost feel like taxes should be a class in itself.  You could then file your taxes in confidence, or when your accountant is giving you a bunch of numbers and docs that make no sense, you can better understand their language.


5.) First Aid:  Depending on your career field, you are required to learn CPR.  I believe everybody should learn CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and how to bandage a wound and make a splint if needed..  This class not only would teach you how to save someone’s life, but also make you like a real hero.  Who doesn’t like a hero?



These are just a few ideas.  What’s yours?