The Most Haunted Campground is Found in Central Virginia

The Most Haunted Campground is Found in Central Virginia

I grew up visiting different campgrounds all over our great state.  There were a few places I got a little spooked out, but I was only eleven and loved a good ghost story.  Little did I know, there was a place in Central Virginia that looks to be very haunted!



According to onlyinyourstate.comBraley Pond is not the only site within George Washington National Forest that is claimed to be haunted, but it seems to have the most terrifying stories associated with it. It can be found just outside of West Augusta, Virginia.


During the daylight hours, it’s peaceful.  You have your benches, fire ring, and the tranquility of complete silence of the woods.  But then the sun goes down, and after that you can forget about sleeping!


Braley Pond’s tragic history may be the source of its hauntings. On May 22nd, 2002, it was the site of of a horrific gang murder. There has also been a suicide reported in this same part of the forest.


There are also eerie encounters that have taken place closer to the pond. Near the picnic area, spirits have been seen hovering above the water. And if you take the rugged trail around the pond up towards the mountain, you might hear the sounds of children’s voices in the distance.


Uncle Pauly once dared me to ‘ride a bull’.  You couldn’t PAY me enough to stay here!!!!


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