Did Morgan Ride a Raging Angry Bull?

Tom Morgan/Hitkicker 99.7

Did Morgan Ride a Raging Angry Bull?

It’s debatable…..

Last week, Uncle Pauly bet me a beer tab that I couldn’t stay on a real bull for 9.97 seconds.  Let’s see how I did.



Judging by this video, I didn’t technically ‘ride’ the bull like a cowboy competing in the PBR .  Let me tell you what DID happen:


I had no idea what to expect til the very last minute.  Leading up to the rodeo, many things ran through my mind.  I could actually be risking a few broken bones to ride a nasty bull.  I could be riding a calf, and tell Augusta county that nobody told me how big the bull had to be.  I could have ridden one of those toy bulls, with a stuffed head and stick.  I have a pretty good feeling that I would have gotten a combination of laughs and boos if I pulled that card.


To my surprise, I ended up sitting on a massively angry bull.  As I talked to the amazing crowd ( or at least tried to, there were some technical glitches with the microphone), the bull jerked around a few times in the cage.  Let me tell you, that kind of movement in a closed environment is no joke.  At one point, the bull’s right side had my leg pinned up against the fence which was quite painful.  As the saying goes, the show must go on and I continued talking on the mic.  Once everything was said and done, my mission was complete and Uncle Pauly paid for the beer tab.  He witnessed the whole thing, and made the decision to pay up.


Some of you were upset that I ‘didn’t fully ride the bull.’  Perhaps you wanted a good laugh, or genuinely wanted to see me get tortured by ‘Birtha’.


The truth is, I bit off more than I could have chewed in this bet.