Morgan in the Morning

Morgan in the Morning

4-time Virginia Association of Broadcasters Award Winner

Named Best Radio Personality in Cville Weekly in 2021.

Throws up when he hears the word ‘Moist’

For the past 6 years, listeners and helped this show raise thousands of dollars for Children’s charities including UVA Children’s Hospital and St. Jude.  For three straight years, I have scheduled two days to be on the air for a collective 26 hours to raise money for St. Jude.  Also, we take pride in participating in the Morgan in the Morning Christmas Home Invasion, where a local family in need that has given back to so many people in the past is surprised with a full Christmas display when they return home from doing errands.  In the past, we have delivered the Christmas tree, gifts, essential items, and started and completed home improvement projects for them.  Each December, it is truly a local Christmas miracle thanks to our local businesses and loyal listeners.

Virginia is my home.  I was born in Norfolk, raised in Roanoke, and a graduate of Cave Spring High School.  After high school, I moved to Knoxville, TN and went to college at Johnson University.  As a joke, my best friend and I decided to have our own college radio show.  While we were just talking about dorm room jokes and WWE on the air, I immediately fell in love with putting together and executing a show.  My professor later took me under his wing, and I started working for him to help pay for tuition.  A month after I switched majors to Media Communications, I landed my first radio gig at WOKI 100.3 ‘The River’ doing weekends.  Fast forward to my senior year when I was promoted to nights, and then after I graduated I landed afternoon drive at the same station.  Later, I got my first taste of country radio at WIVK/Knoxville, which led me HERE to 99.7 CYK in 2006.  I started out working 3-7 every afternoon hosting ‘The Ride Home’ (memba that?) and later joined Pam Garrison to host ‘Your Wake Up Call w/ Tom and Pam’.  In 2010, I decided to move to New Jersey.   Nine months later, I joined SoJO 104.9 in Atlantic City as their afternoon host.  Shortly after that, I moved to the beach and fulfilled a personal dream of mine to do radio near the ocean.

Another nine months passed, and I was tapped to wake up before the sun came up again and host The SoJO Morning Show.  Five years later, I joined an amazing team at 101.1 MORE FM in Philadelphia.  Another box on the radio bucket list was checked! I got to be heard in a MAJOR market!

But something was still missing, and that was my Virginia roots.  I missed the Downtown Mall, the mountains, and the valley.  I missed the people I worked with at 99.7 CYK, I missed CBS-19, and I missed the Toy Lift.  Most of all, I really missed my family and Central Virginia listeners.

Then, out of the blue, an opportunity opened up for me to come home.  Today ‘Morgan in the Morning’ is on the radio, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to entertain, inform, and hope to make your commute a great one!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your morning routine.  I have zero regrets, and without you, this crazy ride would have never happened.


– Tom Morgan