Keith Urban Dedicates Charlottesville Concert to Fallen Firefighter

Keith Urban Dedicates Charlottesville Concert to Fallen Firefighter

The list of reasons why Keith Urban is a class act just keeps getting bigger.


Keith put on an incredible show at John Paul Jones Arena Sunday night, but it was his acts of kindness that caught our eyes.  Here are just a few things:



During his show, he asked the audience in the back what they were doing, and then said how about we get to know each other better ??  He then walked through the crowd and got on the surprise stage back behind the soundboard and played for quite a while.  Oh, and he also gave away a guitar to a fan


He invited a young girl from Elkton on stage after he spotted her sign.


Keith later played an encore, and stayed out on stage while signing A BUNCH of autographs while people were still filing out.



But just when you thought he was done, Keith Urban dedicated his entire concert to a fallen firefighter.  According to CBS 19:


Urban dedicated his performance to Hanover County Firefighter Lieutenant Brad Clark, who was killed while responding to a crash during Tropical Storm Michael’s impact on Virginia.

The dedication was orchestrated by a former classmate of Clark’s, who had known him since kindergarten.



What a guy, what a show!