5th Annual Morgan in the Morning Christmas Home Invasion

For the fifth year in a row, the 99.7 CYK staff will be surprising a local family in need for the Christmas holiday.  We’ll be delivering the Christmas tree, gifts, and any essential items for ONE local family in need while they’re not home so that when they return home, they receive a huge Christmas surprise. 

Here is the story of this year’s family that we’re serving:

Dear Tom, 
This family who has helped me in so many ways, has recently fallen on a string of bad luck between keeping vehicles running to roof leaks and repairs to their very old home.   It seems that the harder they try to move forward something happens to prevent forward progress. Financial issues have prevented them from doing Christmas gifts for themselves in the past.  They didn’t have much before, but they always wanted to give before giving to themselves.  Now that a newborn child is here, they’re doing their best to concentrate on the baby, but this year will be especially tough.  Both adults are working, but all the paychecks have been going toward overdue bills.  The Husband in the house has turned his life around for the better in the last decade and is taking full advantage of second chances.  He finally found work when he couldn’t get hired because of his past, so now he is trying his best to catch up financially.  Their home needs several repairs, and honestly, I’m not sure if the house will survive this Winter.  For starters, they need a new roof.   They’re also using small heaters which cost a fortune in fuel, and they don’t know if they’ll get through this winter with heat because they simply can’t afford the heating fuel.  In the meantime, both Adults have been doing house maintenance for other families in need without asking for a dime.  They have helped people in the past that would be standing in checkout lines with not enough money to pay for food, and even though they barely had anything to give, they did their best to immediately give what they could.   It would be nice to see them have a little bit of happiness after everything they have done for other people and have their Christmas finally paid forward.  


Gift Cards for Food

Gift Cards for Newborn (Clothes) 
Gift Cards for Pet food, toys, treats

TOYS for Newborn child

 Pots and Pans

  • Maintenance    – Leaky roof 
    in need of flooring
    Solution to heater issue – the family is using small heaters which cost a fortune in fuel.


13 Lee Jackson Hwy, Staunton, VA 24401. Please drop off your item INSIDE the Model T car in the lobby! 🙂

  • You may also drop off items at our radio station, but you must arrange a drop off time by texting or calling us at 434 975 9970:

481 Hillsdale Dr. Charlottesville, VA 22901

  • Here is footage from last year’s Home Invasion:

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